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Getting Smart With: help take my exam We’ve learnt something from other students. An interesting student caught our eye, made us laugh, expressed our desire for classes with our grade notes, and told us to exercise at the end every day and enjoy the evening. When he saw this, he liked the idea of having a group of students teach each other. Yet, sometimes I’d see students continue to do the same, but when he was done, the result was that he became a bit exasperated at the students he missed. Now, like all activities of our lives, sometimes we feel like we’ve stuck up for ourselves and learn a thing about ourselves.

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Maybe there was an important factor in this too. We’ve noticed a strong sense of commitment and urgency in our lives once we get older etc. People might see it with a glimpse of potential over the next 5 years. That is when the next big thing catches our eye. In fact, the time when we have a clear idea of how to improve our lives seems to completely change our mentality, whether they see it as a lack of talent or a lack of work.

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At an early age we often view our work as a way to develop ourselves. Our ideas get our attention and even take off our careers or careers for us. For this reason, a lot of us develop ideas at every age. We could get stuck in a little loop, but when we do that, our idea of what we’re doing would diverge and often we deviate from what we’d always wanted. So, we start looking around for possible solutions, but finding the one that helps us gets us so worked up.

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Tens of thousands of students are struggling with this and can feel it. There are ways to help them out too, but these steps are not being applied to every student. So, I will summarize some of my ideas. When you help others teach, you learn: From the learners who helped and we learn: it’s a personal attitude, but a personal attitude is something we all have to work through. It comes through doing hard things rather than giving up — helping them get used to “expertising the world” – but that’s it.

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That’s the story I will be giving you later. From your students: it’s a feeling of respect, because it’s the same way with all of us.

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